Delayed Drinking: Chesterfield and Leicester

Work took me to Chesterfield and I had planned in advance to visit the Chesterfield Arms. The Good Beer Guide heaped lavish praise on this place and deservedly so. The short walk from the station in the heat of the day left me gasping for a drink and the array of ales was most welcome – there would be more still had it been the weekend. This is an excellent pub and heartily recommended. I had a couple of pints of Scoundrel by Leatherbritches.

East Midland Trains and Network Rail combined to make my journey home a terrible one but missing my connection at Leicester left me with three quarters of an hour to kill and a renewed thirst to satisfy. I popped into the Barley Mow which the Leicester Drinker (local CAMRA newsletter) told me had been recently refurbished. The beer was good, the discount for CAMRA members most welcome, and they seem to be well on their way to achieving their aim of ‘creating a recognised ale house’. I had a swift pint of Everards’s Tiger before heading off.

I have been told by a number of people that Leicester is an excellent place for a drinker. Sadly time didn’t allow further exploration but the Barley Mow was a very good introduction.

Note: I hadn’t noticed at the time but both of these pubs seem to be Everards inns. The brewery seems to run a good pub indeed.


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