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The Northampton Loop

There are only two stations on the Northampton loop – Long Buckby and Northampton – and, given that my last blog post was about Northampton I wasn’t planning on going back.

I added the stations at either end of the loop to make it more of a crawl; starting in Rugby – at the brilliant Merchants Inn – and ending in Wolverton – at the dreadful North Western. But it was Long Buckby that stole my heart.

I didn’t even know if there was a pub in the village when I got of the train but trudging up the hill from the station I saw signs to put a spring in a thirsty man’s step. Beer Festival!

Beer Festival

The discrete sign points to beery heaven

And so I found myself in the rugby club sampling several of the ales on offer, enjoying a great welcome, and thinking visiting Long Buckby gives a glimpse of heaven.

I still don’t know if there is a pub in the village. Probably best to make sure it is beer festival weekend before you head there.